I'm so excited about the new purchases I've made recently! There will be new stock on the site soon. Here are the names and links to the new arrivals. I'll be posting them soon on their breed page:

  • Thanks to lisuka2502 of White Raven Ranch for WRR Adal. He'll help start my Arabian line. What a gorgeous little guy he is.
  • Thanks to Kitty at Sunset Falls Arabians I now have a beautiful little Arabian girl, SFA Desert Star.
  • Thank you Cathy at Silver Maple Equestrian for our new Akhal-Teke filly SME Calla Lilly(Calla)
  • Thank you Erin at
    White Park Equestrian Centre for our new foundation sire HAA al Wahnkh. What a beautiful Arab stallion he is!
  • We have a sweet little filly from Joyce at Durrah Arabians, DA Najibah. We look forward to seeing what this little girl can do.
  • I went on a shopping spree at Smart Color Stables. Echo's paint horses are like potato chips! Our first purchase was SCS Say It To Bomb(sooty palomino QH)....quickly followed by SCS Colin Valley and  SCS Midnight Seraphim. I'll be back Echo...
  • Thank you Lizbeth of Vicentia Estates for giving me Clockwork Performer of Vicentia. I had some trouble getting her into her new home but she was worth it! Charisma is doing great and made friends with a few of the other foals.
  • Kathy at Chapel Hill Farms sold me CHF/FRE Phantom's Black Velvet, a Neze Perce colt. His name suits him to a T. I can't wait until he grows out.
  • We are going to be able to offer some beautiful paints thanks to the acquisition of Delta Glory Dun It. He's a lively bay overo colt out of Mclain Breeding
  • Much of my original stock came from Amanda at Morning Star Equestrian. I was very fortunate this last foal crop to be able to purchase MSE Bullet Proof Heart. I love the Teke's and really needed new blood for my small herd of shiny beauties.
  • My most recent purchase is a stunning colt to improve my paint program. I know competition was fierce for this little guy so I feel very fortunate to have him! Thank you Kristy at Double Eagle Ranch for allowing me to take D.e.R Lucky Jack home.

  Visit Equus Sims, the place that started all the equine fun! Home to our registries and all things for our digital horse companions. Great downloads, lots of information and a current list of events, so click on the image to go check it out!

 My to do list:


  - make 2 more Gypsy Vanners and get all six off to       be registered. Two of the mares are ready and        

      have  foals on the ground.     

 FRE Ainfean (Awn-fyun) , FRE Riordan ( Reer-dan), FRE Eibhleann (Ave-linn), FRE Caoimhe (Kee-va), FRE Niamh (Neev) and FRE Maebb (May-v)


-Register all Arabian foals and Akhal-Teke                        I'm taking the pics to send off now.  

  - get those pictures up on the breed pages.  

That will have to be tomorrow.....er...later today.            

  - post the first foal crop. It's a mixed bag.

Half the pictures are done. There's a few to do and so far I only have the Arabians and Morgans done to post.

  - work on the "About Us " page. I should play the          game for a bit and collect some screen shots of my     characters.

     I'm totally changing this page, again.

     -Prepare some real estate lots and sim for                  downloads

    -I'll add more as some of this clears away. I'm         having such a hard  time choosing between which horse goes and which stays.


  This site is under major reconstruction!


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